Monday, May 2, 2011

About Us

"ALIVE HORTICULTURAL SERVICES LIMITED" is a public limited company incorporated on 24 August 2011
We buy all types of fruits and vegetables direct from Farmers with the help of own harvesting system. 
We have a grading teams to achieve precious grading. Our packing team achives injure free produce by minimum handling.


Establishing such a system which is engaged in all perishable products serving. The system collects Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as a raw material from farmer at his farm. A Fresh Fruits and Vegetables is brought to the Process Center. Here processes like sorting, grading, cleaning, sizing, washing, drying, ripening, packing etc. are done on the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to produce finished product of company. The finished product is then served to retailers and consumers from Distribution Center. All transports are done through the controlled atmospheric vehicles to maintain product alive. All the data moves on internet, which helps to make decisions.
Our three dimensional progress is as per following measurements.
       Our business length is Number of Locations.
       Our business width is Number of Commodities. Like all fruits and vegetables.
       Our business depth is procuring material by going deeper up to farmer or grower
       Our business height is distributing material by going higher up to consumer.


Vision is "The Indian Farmer is gaining appropriate value of his produce at his place. The consumer, who is concentrated in urban areas, is getting all the Fruits and Vegetables in best consumable form at price of his purchase capacity. Everyone is happy."
Today’s scenario- Agriculture Produce is a national property. It is perishable. Loss of this produce is a national loss. Reduction of losses is the Vision of Founder. Losses are due to delay in distribution upto consumer within shelf life of Fruits and Vegetables.
Solution is either increase in shelf life Or decrease in distribution time. Increase in shelf life is achieved by controlled atmospheric storage. And decrease in distribution time is achieved by information system and controlled atmospheric vehicles.